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Spell for issues with coworkers December 14, 2016

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My hubby is a good worker. He is a mechanic. He opens and closes nearly every day. Does any job that’s handed to him, usually with little to no complaint. Despite this some of his coworkers and even his boss have a tendency to be disrespectful towards him. So, in order to help him out a little at work I came up with a few techniques and a spell to help him out. (With his permission, of course)

I made him a tigers eye & obsidian key chain with a spiral charm. Tigers eye for respect, obsidian for repelling negativity, and the spiral charm, which he choose himself, to represent life, growth, evolution. He has it attached to his tool box keys and has it with him all day at work.

He now visualizes a protective bubble around himself and his work area while he’s at work. He works on visualizing any negativity bouncing off him. Making sure he doesn’t send it back on anyone.

In the mornings he has been dabbing a small drop of lavender behind each ear for protection and respect.

Since I collected rain water during a new moon I use that occasionally to draw a protective rune on his forehead with the water. (Along with everyone else in my house)

And lastly I did I spell. Now, this spell might not be for everyone. I tried my best to word it as harmless as I could. My intent was never to send anything bad to anyone. Anyways, I cleared my mind, and focused my intent of hubby having the respect he earned at while and him being able to repel negativity.

Then I said:

“Hecate, Aaron has troubles at work, he is treated unfairly and is unhappy, I call to thee to bring Justice, WITHOUT harm.”
I focus on my intent some more, I thank Hecate for hearing me, then end it with “So mote it be”

I immediately place an offering outside to Hecate. This can be a piece of fruit, some bread crumbs, etc.


Herbal Tea Spell

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I enjoy a good hot cup of herbal tea, especially in the winter months. I came up with a little Herbal Tea Spell to help the effects of the tea.

I simply clear my mind, while holding the cup of tea in my hands, and focus on my intentions. Then I  say:
“Herbs of healing, Herbs of health, Heal my Body with your wealth.”

I continue to focus on my intent while holding the tea. Sometimes I say this spell three times, its all about personal preference.

Then I wrap it up with “So mote it be” and enjoy my tea.


Healing Stone Spell

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Many months back I bought a blood stone in a necklace cage for healing when I was ill. Lately I’ve taken to wearing it more often to deal with my anxiety and such. I came up with a simple spell to help with the healing. I simply clear my mind, hold my stone, and focus on healing energies washing over me.

Once I am calm I say

“Stone of healing, Stone of might.
Heal me with the speed of light.”

Then I focus on healing energies washing over me again.

Sometimes I say this spell three times, its totally a personal preference.

Then I end it by thanking the Gods/Goddesses for their help and say “So mote it be” to wrap it up.


A little info on the Bloodstone:

Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone that has been valued for thousands of years for its healing energy. It purifies and detoxifies the body, grounding negative energy and cleansing your body’s energy. Bloodstone also increases energy and strength, promoting a constant flow of energy throughout the body. It is a very beneficial stone for athletes and people whose jobs include a lot of physical activity.



Business Success Spell February 16, 2016

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Basil Spell


Flower Pot

Basil Seeds



9 Pennies



Fill pot half full of soil.


Using a clockwise motion form a circle with the pennies, placing them one at a time on top of the soil.


As you place each penny say:

Money grow & join in force, Bring new riches from this source.

Cover the pennies with soil until the pot is full.


Plant nine basil seeds, chanting with each one:

Basil seed, as you grow & sprout, My Business shall prosper within & without.

Water the seeds well, & place the pot in the room where most cash transactions occur.


Wrap your hands around the pot & say:

Copper, earth, & seeds, I now enchant, I transform you into a money plant. Grow lush, bring cash, bring success to me. As I will so mote it be!

As the plant grows, so will your business.


*Spell from Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison (Pics are mine)




Fall Pictures November 1, 2014

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My Boys were such good sports about taking Fall pictures. We used our front yard and the woods in front of the house for the back grounds. I think the pictures came out great! Even with some goofy ones thrown in there.



Our Samhain

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GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe boys decorated Giant pumpkin sugar cookies!


GE DIGITAL CAMERA They carved Jack O Lanterns!


GE DIGITAL CAMERA    My crocheted Fall Wreath!!! (First one I’ve ever made!)

GE DIGITAL CAMERA The boys trick or treated as Luigi and Mario this year! Aren’t they so cute!





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Eric giving John bunny ears-2014 Statesville Eric playing with John 3- 2014 Statesville We stayed in a motel that had a pool. The kids got to release some stress in the pool!


GE DIGITAL CAMERAOur view from the front yard when we moved in!

Our view in the Fall. Love the colors! GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERA


We recently made a big change in our lives. We up and moved across the country. For so many years I have felt like I was born in the wrong, then lived in the wrong place. I was born in Texas and spent most of my life there. And it never felt right to me. I never connected with anyone on my mom’s side of the family, except my great grandmother who passed when I was young. My dad’s side I’ve not really met. Mostly cause they are, mostly, in California.  I have found a lot of them on Facebook, but still aren’t very close with them. Anyways, after meeting my husband we moved out of Texas together. We didn’t go very far. Just up to Oklahoma. But it was still out of Texas, and that was the point! We stayed in Lawton about 10 years. It was ok. We learned a lot there, we had a lot of good and bad things happen there. In 10 years you can imagine. But we have felt the urge to move on for the last few years, just didn’t know where to. We thought we might actually be stuck there for the rest of our lives.

Well that started changing in May of this year. Hubby had reached his limit of BS from the job he had for almost 8 years. He couldn’t just change jobs because he was mechanic at a smaller, privately owned Nissan dealership and if he tried looking for another job at any other dealership the owner would have black balled him. The owner was well known from Oklahoma city to Wichita Falls. So, we didn’t have a lot of choices. We were talking to some friends and saying we had talked for years about moving but didn’t know where. We wanted somewhere that had 4 seasons, not 2. (Or close to it) Somewhere with a smaller town. We always thought we’d end up going more north, but were worried about too much snow, which I’m not real fond of. Our friends happened to be military and happened to be from North Carolina. They said North Carolina sounded like the place we might be looking for. And there are plenty of small towns around. Well obviously we couldn’t just go check it out, so we did the next best thing. We Googled it! LOL! We talked and talked and talked about it! Discussed all possibilities, all good sides and bad. And decided we’d see what the Gods had in store for us. We sent a few resumes to some dealerships in North Carolina for hubbys employment. Well, within a week he had 2 job offers! 2!!! He talked to both on the phone and pretty much had the jobs! We started noticing other things changing as well. Things we enjoyed doing on Oklahoma had suddenly become not so enjoyable anymore. Our favorite restaurants sudden got really crappy food, our favorite places to thrify shop turned bad with a crappy buy. Along with other things that were specific to us. It was like were being told it was time to go. To move on. We decide to start selling our little accumulated property then move onto the big furniture and slowly work on this over a month.  Well, that didn’t go as planned. Things were selling faster than planned. We talked to our kids about moving and our youngest (12yr old at the time) started packing what he wanted to take and clearing the rest out of his room. We hadn’t even set a move date yet. Other little things started changing and happening as well. It was like the Gods were screaming at us, its time! So, we just went with the flow. We moved up the time table and had everything sold, utilities handled, basically our whole lives ready to go in about a week and  half. We only took a Uhaul trailed we could pull with our truck. We sold or gave away everything else we had. And it was A LOT! WE made enough money just selling our stuff to move us across the country!

The day we left was different though. We had a hell of a time getting started. It took longer than planned to get the trailer packed, then once we finally left our youngest ended up dropping his favorite stuffed dog out the truck in the driveway we left. We didn’t notice it until we were on the highway and past the tollbooth. Luckily we were able to call our neighbor and she brought it to us. We went down through Texas and across to avoid too many hills pulling the trailer. The first day took forever to get through Texas. It was like it was holding onto us and not letting us go. We were fighting to get out of it! We didn’t making it Louisiana and the motel until late the first night. The second day we breezed through all the other states and into North Carolina.

But, once we got here we still had to find a place to live. That wasn’t easy. Hubby went to both places that offered him a job and had to take a drug test. The jobs were in different towns. (About an hour or apart too) So, we had to wait for the results before moving in anywhere. Passing the  drug test was  easy, we just didn’t know what the pay was gonna be. The employers wouldn’t tell us until the drug test was back. So we just looked at house after house after house while we waited. We weren’t really finding what we needed either. It took a week for the drug test too. Meanwhile we slept in crappy motels at night, drove around all day looking for rentals and eating what we could pick up in drive thrus. We couldn’t go inside and sit down anywhere because we brought our cat, Amber, with us on this adventure!

After two weeks staying motels, we finally found a place to live. It was HUGE! 4 bedrooms, open floor plan, in the country and about 2.5 miles outside of a small town. Rent was a bit high, but the place and location were worth it. And hubby’s job offered him more than he was making in Oklahoma. So we took it! We were so worn out and stressed from the motels by then we needed a place!

We’ve been here 4 months now, and its finally starting to level out some. It was a real rough start though. Hubby took 3 weeks off work in June for the move, then gets this great new job only to find out he’s make $16 an hour flat rate at a dealership that has no business! Flat rate means he gets paid per job, not by the hour in general. So if he gets one vehicle in and it takes 1 hour to work on the car he gets paid for the hour, despite the fact that he is at work 8 hours!!! So, he was barely clearing 25 hours a pay check! (Bimonthly) Needless to say we were very stressed out the first couple months. During the 4 months he has been with this dealership he  has applied at many other places for other employment, with only one interview. He has also managed to change job positions twice now. First he was a mechanic, then he was a express lube tech (which paid hourly!) and now he is floating between express lube and detail. He enjoys detailing vehicles and is quite skilled at it. And it looks like he can make even more money at this position.

Also during the 4 months we have been here we have very slowly accumulated some furniture, we still need a bit more, like beds for our teenage boys. Most stuff we have accumulated has been free, thrift store purchases or hubby exchanged work for some of it as well.

We have also come together as a family more, changed our life style dramatically (and not just cause of the move), but also become different people in a lot of ways.

Looking back I can say that we fought and stressed and earned this move and change for our family. This is something we needed to do for all of us. I don’t want to live through it again, but I can what I have learned from this experience and use it to better my life and the lives of my family!

I don’t know if this is what the Gods had in mind when they started us on this path, or if the struggle was to make us appreciate it more, but I am thankful for my family and coming through this together. I don’t think our struggles are over here, but I’m hoping they are not as difficult. We are stronger family unit now and continue to be!

Blessed Be!