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Scouts August 20, 2011

Filed under: Journal — torip3 @ 11:27 pm

Ok, so my oldest started scouts when he was  a Tiger. (1st grade) I started out as a parent but didn’t stay that. I quickly jumped into den leader. I stayed with him through Webelos and watched him cross to Boy Scouts with his Arrow of Light. My youngest joined  as a Tiger. Wasn’t thrilled about his leader but dealt with it. By this time I had taken on den leader, day camp program director, went to schools to promote scouts and day camp, and so much more. It was becoming overwhelming. And I had this ass hole causing me problems. Mostly cause I wouldn’t take his shit. I put up with him way too long.  I was soooo pissed when we finally left scouts. And felt horrible that an asshole like that ruined a good program for my kids and me.
Well, after about a year and half out we decided to try it again. Hopeing people had changed. Things had gotten better. It started out a little rough. I told the pack & troop both I was coming in as a parent only. I wanted to ease back in slowly. That lasted about through the summer. By August I hit my limit. I offered my help to the troop and then finally to the pack. The packs cubmaster had been removed from scouts for sending inappropriate texts. (it was the same asshole who gave me hell before) He is a total perv. Anyways, the pack is just kinda winging it for a bit, then th old cubmasers wife says someone needs to step up and help out with cub master. Of course no one says anything. So, I had hit limit and said thats it. I’ll do cub master. Fuck it. At least the pack would run smoothly. Ha. That was joke. I figured since the pack needed someone it would be a no brainer. Of course not. The old cub masters wife and daughter didn’t want any of that. (Side note: the cub master was only invovled for his grandkids, their mom is involved too) Anyways, I got attacked and basically told they had someone lined up already. But their stories kept changing. Now this has started a whole “thing” with the pack. Its ridiculous. Theres no excuse for it. All I wanted to do was offer my assistance to the pack and it turns into a huge deal. Its not my fault the pack was being run crappily. That the ones running it changed rules to fit them and didn’t follow things the way they should. I am an organized person and like rules. (mostly) When i see something wrong I say something. And it was a wrong situation all the way around.

Yet, here I am again. In the middle of a worng situation cause I stepped up to say something against someone who was in the wrong! Why am I the one feeling crappy. Why am I the one  who feels like this is gonna turn out bd. Why am i the one that this has to happen to? I didn’t want this stress and drama. None of it, But someone how cause i am the only who speaks up for whats right I am the one in the middle of this!


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