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Gotta get it out August 21, 2011

Filed under: Journal — torip3 @ 3:30 pm

This is a bit of a rant and rave kinda post.

I had a crappy ass day yesturday. We just joined BACK into scouts a few months ago. I was hoping thinks would be better. I wouldnt have to deal with idiots. But no! I wanted to come back in as a parent only, no drama, no BS. Of course that cant happen. Just after we get back in the Cub Master for my youngests pack gets kicked out. Not a bad things really. Hes a total ass, and a perv.I can’t stand the man. I dealt with him when we came back cause it was the best pack for my son. I thought it would have been a good thing he was kicked out finally! No. Theres more drama. Hes not allowed at any scouting event at all! Yet hes still showing up. That puts me in a bad position cause im the only one in the pack that knows hes not suppose to be there at all. His wife and grown daughter(her kids are in scouts) have told the pack he can be there and are making the whole situation seem no big deal. So, they’re breaking the rules there. Then they were just gonna skate by with no Cub Master until February or whenever. You can’t run a pack like that. They tell the District person one thing to make them look good then tell the pack something else. Bull shit! I hear both sides. It aint right. The Old Cub Masters wife is suppose to go to Cub Master training. Then she says she aint doing it. And someone with training needs to step up and help out. SO, I say fuck it, if it helps my kids have a good program I’ll do it. As soon as i offer they start in with different stories, they’re considering someone, then its they got someone, then its Im not dependable, it just keeps going.  Finally I say ok, if you actually got someone qualified thats good. (We’ll see) I don’t wanna be Cub Master! Hell NO! I just want the pack run correctly with out all the lies and shadiness.

I am so worked up over this. I feel like I was attacked for offering assistance. And I know Im not wrong. Damn it. I see things they are doing wrong! I so see it. But I dought anyone else will. Why does the district and people who are suppose to be monitoring this have blinders on? Why is it if the pack looks good on paper then everythings fine! Bull shit. I hate people! I hate people who lie, and are decietful! I hate people who make up stories to make them selves look good. It drives me nuts. I hate it when theres a this person said this about you and that person denies it. I so dont wanna be in the middle of any of that.

Why can’t my son just have a good decent program without all the fucked up parents involved! Why do they have to ruin everything! Thats just not right!



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