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Take me Away August 21, 2011

Filed under: Journal — torip3 @ 4:06 pm

So much has happened to us since we’ve been here. We are currently in Lawton Oklahoma. We moved here about 6 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas. Where hubby and I bath lived pretty much all our lives. I hated Ft.Worth with a passion just couldn’t even get out. Finally after getting married and having kids hubby brings up leaving once. I jump on board right away. We look and look and look for a new place. WE thought about moving up near his dad and step mom but they said there were no jobs and they planned on moving when they retired. We found Lawton cause it was just a few hours away yet in another state. We drove up to check it out. And it was perfect. We made plans to leave. Hubby put in a transfer for work, he was at Walgreens at the time, so it worked wonderfully.We loaded what would fit in our mini van and left. We found a place within a few days. It was small. A one bedroom but the kids were small. It was a new start for the both of us and a way to get away from hubbys mom who was causing us problems. Things started to improve. We got closer as a couple, as family. We learned and grew together. I went to a technical school for a bit. We even started homeschooling, which I love. But during all this time we have been robbed 4 times, our bikes stolen, our car broken into(just some change and a camera stolen that time, or house was robbed (they took hubbys XBOX 360), and then the last time(recently) Hubbys car was stolen out of the mall parking lot. (It was a POS Ford Probe. An old one too) But it was ours. We have had car problems and have gone through a vehicle about every 6 months to a year on average. Scouts has been a joy and a nightmare at the same time. We get invovled for our boys whe no one else will. But I ended up doing way too much last time. It took a lot out of me. And then having to deal with a pervert all the time didn’t help. When I finally stood up against the perv and wouldn’t follow how he was running scouts, day camp and such he turned on me. Big time. Started saying all kinds of crap, starting crap, picked a fight with me after a pack meeting. It got really bad when I finally said I wasn’t gonna play his game, I wasn’t gonna sink to his level, I was removing myself from the situation. I tried to come back after a year and a half or so. It was ok a little bit then it started again. All from the same person and family. Drama, drama, drama. Its ridiculous.
Why do people have to be liars, cheats, and just horrible people? I am an honest person. I try to be a good, decent person. Why do people have to be so horrible? I just dont understand why people choose to act that way. Why do they choose to bully, say mean hurtful things and just be horrible people? The people in this town suck ass!

I have to say I have truely learned a lot about myself here. It has been an experience. I won’t say it was all bad. The learning experience, the closness I have gained with mu hubby and kids, and how I have learned and still learning to be a good wife and mother and stand up for I believe in has been a great experience. But why do I have to go through hell to learn that?

The only good thing that happened since being here is with my family. How weve all grown and come together. I wish there was a better place for us to live, where the people remembered how to be decent human beings!

I would sell a lot of our stuff and pack up and leave in a heart beat if I could. If Hubby could find a job somewhere else.


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