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A Simple womans day book August 26, 2011

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Outside my window….its a bright, shiney, new day


I am thinking…about everything I just took on yesurday. Fighting with some people in scouts, possibly starting a new pack, starting up the church group again, and starting a homeschooling group for older kids. I feel tired just thinking about…lol


I am thankful for…the ability and skills to be a leader and mulittasker.

In my life this week…It has had its ups and downs. Drama in scouts cause the Cub master was kicked out for nasty text messages, and his wife and daughter are trying to run it on their own following their rules, not BSA rules and doing what they want. I don’t stand by and let that happen. I speak up and against them and I get verbally attacked, bullied, and rumors (and lies) are stared about me. I know I was right and Im sticking to it.
Im trying to start a homeschool group for older kids. And restart the church youth group.
Went to the grocery store this week and the register wasn’t workng right so only half my items scanned but I was given everything. So I went back and made sure management knew and paid for my other items.

Adventures in homeschooling… The kids are getting better with their lessons this week. Eric needs more math help. He just needs to slow down and take his time. But he is a get it done and get i done fast kinda kid.


New creations from the kitchen…I dont plan on cooking until Sunday. Easy dinner of taquitos and a family movie tonight. Hubby is lighting the grill tomorrow.  I love grilling on the weekend.


I am creating…memories


I am going…to lose my mind before its all done


I am reading…dead until dark


I am hoping…to be strong, stay calm, and be able to lead these groups without losing it


Around my house…my boys are still slepping but should be up soon.


One of my favorite things…quiet in the morning.


My favorite thing this week was…Knowin I am living up to being an honest person, doing the right thing and standing up against the wrong.

What’s working/not working for us…Scouts is and isn’t working. But working to fix that. Eric is strugglin with math. Not cause he dont understand but cause he wont slow dwn long enough to do it right. The kids are not keeping their workboxes cleaned out. And Eric is trying to make up his own house rules.

A few plans for the rest of the week…hastings tonight for a family movie, library, church, grocery store and family time the rest of the weekend.



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