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Letting it all out September 7, 2011

Filed under: Journal — torip3 @ 8:44 pm

I am a member of a secular homeschool yahoo group. Well, theres 2 parts to this group, an on topic group and an off topic group. Im a member of both. Well, for now. I have posted to the off topic group before asking for suggestions.

What I usually get it is some off the wall suggestions that don’t fit my situation or the way Im raising my kids. And I when I try to explain more about personalities, our beliefs, etc I get accused of being defensive.

I don’t know if its cause Ive got a cold and am feeling crappy or if  its cause of this kick Im on that Im not taking shit from anyone but I let the group have it today. I told them I didn’t appreciate their attacking remarks, and calling me defensive when I try to explain and they dont listen basically.
Well, they don’t. I ask for a suggestion over a whole situation they zero in on one part and attack and chastise that. Just cause they don’t believe the same way as I do. I suggest taking away a scouting activity and these people freak out. Scouting is a fun educational activity. But its still a privelage. Most parents & schools don’t let their kids play a sport if their grades are bad. Whats the difference with scouts?! I mean come on. Yes its a good program, but its still a privelage. What do poeple not undestand about that? Why do so many people think scouts is the greatest thing? Why is it if I suggest taking away a scouting activity(not the whole thing, just 1 activity) they act like Im hurting my kid or something. They can take away a bike, a tv, a game any other privelage and its ok but taking away scouts is wrong. ?!
How is taking away something a kids likes do for behavior, bad grades or whatever that damaging? I would think letting a kids think they can behave how they want and still get to do fun stuff is WAY worse! What are  you teaching your kids if you let them enjoy their privelages and still misbahave? NOTHING!!! Wake the fuck up people! Thats why there are so many messed up kids nowadays. No one knows how to discipline ot teach their kids anymore. They pass off their parenting responsibilities to school teachers and scout leaders and day care workers, anyone else but them selves. They don’t want to hurt their kids feelings…REALLY!

What is wrong with people?!


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