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Stuck in a sea of wrong September 8, 2011

Filed under: Journal — torip3 @ 2:13 am

Have you ever felt like you were different? Felt like your views on the world, how to raise kids, your morals were different from others?

I do, all the time!

What is so wrong with speaking up when you know something is wrong? What is wrong have a close family? What is wrong with being a firm but fair parent who wants to take the time to teach their children right from wrong, respect etc?

Apparently I am wrong for thinking and acting differently.

I stand up against bullies & manipulators and the BSA kisses their asses. I stand up against people who don’t want to follow the rules of a program & I’m the one who’s wrong. Why, cause no one else wants to do anything about it? Everyone wants to stick their heads in the sand and act like they don’t see it.

Why am I wrong because I let my oldest have the “privilege” of joining and participating in scouts? But if I suggest taking away a scouting activity for poor school work or behavior issues I’m the bad parent? WTF?! Scouting is an extracurricular activity. Any parent or school wouldn’t let their child play a sport if their grades were bad. What’s the difference? Why does everything think that scouts are the greatest thing since sliced bread? Really people?!
And what is so wrong with me being an involved parent? I said involved not smothering! Why does the fact I am a WOMAN and have a SON in Boy Scouts does that make it off limits to me? I understand its boy lead and don’t have a problem with that at all, but to be pushed out completely and having his merit badge counselors refuse to talk to me is BS! I don’t have a problem with my son handling his own merit badges, doing the work himself and talking to his merit badge counselors himself. But is it really going to hurt to give me an update. Let me know if he’s struggling or if he’s doing a great job. I am the Parent. Who cares if I’m the mom! I’m still his parent and as such I will not be a drop off parent who just lets anyone take over teaching and raising my son. Just because he turned 13 does not mean I am done with him!

Why do people these days think they have to leave their parenting up to school teachers, scout leaders, day care workers, etc? What the hell happened to a family? A close loving family? One who does things together, spends time together and actually loves each other? Where did the concept of family go? Why should I change my values and the way I want to raise my kids to conform to a messed up society’s version of a family?

But when I speak out against it I am the one in the wrong. I am the outcast. I am the one starting problems. Why because I won’t bend over and take just take it. Just accept society as it is?

I will not stop fighting for what I believe is right! You can beat me down but I will keep coming back!

What happened to everyones morals, their respect, honesty? Where did it all go? Why am I the only one trying to live up to those?

But sometimes I wonder why I have to be the only one. Why do I have to stand up here all alone while everyone else cowers in the corner? Am I really helping my kids by speaking against the wrong or am I hurting them by causing my family to stand alone?

Wish I wasn’t alone!


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