The Domestic Pagans Cottage

Merry Meet

Take me Away! September 12, 2011

Filed under: Journal — torip3 @ 10:41 pm

Please take me away from here. I am sooo done with this town, this place, and everyone in it! I hate it here. I have learned all I can from this place. I just want to sell everything, keep the memorable items and leave! Just get away! I don’t have a problem with starting over. Been there, done that.

I want to move somewhere more North. Somewhere  where the weather is like Fall and Spring all year long. Somewhere where we can have some land, our own place, in a small town or city. Somewhere where the people aren’t so fucking crazy! Somewhere where the people haven’t forgotten to be nice to eachother, somewhere where the people remember what friendship means.

Somewhere peaceful.

Please, please help us get there!


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