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A Simple woman’s day book September 24, 2011

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Outside my window….

Its a nice, cool evening.


I am thinking…

About how tired I am and wishing I could go to sleep without the hubby being so damn horny.

I am thankful for…

A good visit to the doctor today


In my life this week…

I had my yearly check up with my OB today. It went really well. I was a bit nervous cause I don’t like being “checked”. But I have a great OB. Even though its a male OB, I know his daughter, we’re friends, and he is a really nice and professional person. He said everything looked good, was thrilled about my weight loss and set me a goal for what I will weight next year when he sees me. 

My day has been sooooo busy. Tried to get as much done today before the doctor as I could.  Got so busy didn’t have time for lunch. Got super hungry after the doctors visit and being poked like a pin cushion from the techs trying to draw my blood from my stubborn, little veins. The poked and dug and poked and dug and blew a vein, before finally getting some blood. 

So we went and ate lunch, ran to the library and then Country Mart. Was a bit upset at Country Mart. They were all out of ground turkey…just like WALMART. I don’t wannt use beef cause of the grease. And a pound of beef at Country Mart was nearly $5. 

Anyways, we got a movie from Hastings and came home. Kids finished lessons and did some chores while I worked on their lessons for next week.

We watched the movie, Beastly-pretty cute, and I was hopeing to feel better after the movie. Nope. I feel like crap. I am exausted! My body hurts and I can barely keep my eyes open to type this. You don’t wanna know how many times I’ve had to correct a word or two.


Adventures in homeschooling…

The kdis lessons went well this week with all the distractions. I’m working on a new delivery system for their assignments though.


New creations from the kitchen…

Because we ate out at lunch, well around 3, I didn’t cook tonight. Tomorrow I will be making chili from scratch for out Frito Chili Pie. It will be made with turkey chili and we are using mozarella cheese. Shouldnt be too bad.

I am creating…

Hopfully some Fall art this weekend.


I am going…

To fall over and pass out if I don’t go to bed soon.


I am reading…



I am hoping…

For a good nights sleep


Around my house…

Youngest is in bed, Oldest is watching Final Desitnation 2 and hubby is in livingroom watching TV


One of my favorite things…

Climbing into bed after a long, exausting day


 What’s working/not working for us…

The delivery system for the kids assignments.

And our youngests attitude. And him thinking he knows everything and has to have the last word.


A few plans for the rest of the week…

I am hoping for a relaxing weekend. No stress, just peace and calm.




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