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Livingroom rearrange September 25, 2011

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  This use to be filled with hubby’s Nascar stuff. He decided to down size it and put some away. So we put out dragon and wizard collection in it.(I like this much better)

Hubby rearranged the livingroom yesturday. This is just one wall. With all my asian decor and his dragon pics. (And thats sammy in the corner-our gecko)

Heres all the decor on one wall. (I love my asian decor!)

Hubby’s sword display. Hubby’s knives use to sit in a corner all together until we found this cool display. Its too heavy to hang on our wall. (The wall suck)

Hubby relaxin on the couch watchin TV.

Hubby in livingroom.

Long view of livingroom. An end table. wii board, shelf for the wii and playstation next to the TV.

Tv area. This shelf was used as a display shelf for a long time, until about a month or so ago hubby put the TV on it.  Is our own make shift entertainment center.

And more of hubbys knives displayed on the wall.

The livingroom is very open now. Which works well cause the boys have a Wii game called active life explorer, and when they run with that game depending on where in the living they are the shelves and stuff shake.


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