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Energy in Objects October 14, 2011

Filed under: Journal,Pagan — torip3 @ 2:46 pm

Do you believe in channeling energy (either your own or from other sources) into objects for a goal or purpose?

Yeap! Definately. I believe Channeling Energy is a big part of my practice. It has a huge impact on everything. I hae be careful because I sometimes channel negative energy. Its not something I do intentionally but it is something I am working on controlling. One of my greatest strenghts is channeling.  

Do you conduct rituals to charge objects (with moonlight, water, salts, etc)?

Sometimes I will do a specific ritual to charge a specific object, but not always. Its just a natural part of my life. I don’t need to set up a ritual to cast a circle, call the Gods, and charge an object. I usually have a direct line to the Gods and cast a circle anytime, anywhere.

Is the world just a bunch of energy, that we are moving and bending to our will (magic)?
There is lots of energy floating around in the world, but we need to work with it, have a give and take relationship with it all in order to use it properly. Its all about balance.


*These blog questions came from Pagan Blog Prompts.  The answers are my own. How do you feel about these questions?



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