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New Alter Decor & more October 14, 2011

Filed under: Pagan — torip3 @ 8:53 pm

Even since I read that blog about rethinking rituals I have been rethinking a lot of things. I did some cleaning and rearranging today. Just out of the blue. Just got up and started doing it. The end result was amazing. For me anyways. And thats what matters.


  I decluttered my family alter. It was FULL of Fall decor and Magickal type “tools”. I made it a lot more personal. Its more of a Fall/Samhain alter now.  Ijust followed what felt right to me. I ended up rearranging a few more areas after this.


 This is above my computer on my desk. I have had it cluttered before with different decorations.  But I cleared it and made it work for me. I LOVE how this came out.

  This is in my bathroom. I just threw this together, It wasn’t planned. I just started putting things on it that represented Fall and Samhain to me and this what I ended up with. The basket is holding leaves, nuts and stuff from outside. And the Owl in the back bleonged to my great grandmother. Seemed fitting for Samhain.





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