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The Mini-challenge for Week 3 October 17, 2011

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Part 1 will be about investigating the cravings that we have that aren’t due to
emotional eating. Why do we have a sudden craving for something sweet or salty
that just seems to come out of the middle of nowhere? Should we give in to these
cravings or suffer through them?

I use to crave chocolate a lot. It was my friend and my enemy. Now, I haven’t really eatten any. I had a small craving for some chocolate a few days ago, but I only wanted like a bite. I didn’t want a whole bar. But I decided it wasn’t worth buying. Yea me!

Anyways, now when I have any cravings its usually for something bad. (Thats what I call it) Something fried or a greesy burger or some enchiladas from Los Tres (local mexican resturant) What I have discovered though, instead of fighting the craving I just give in. You read right. I just give in. And LOVE every minute of it. I don’t beat myself up afterwards either. Before anyone starts freaking out, hear me out. This is what works for my body. I have, mostly, learned to listen to my body. As long as I don’t eat like that too often I’m fine. But if I’m craving it than my body NEEDS something in it. I’m usually tired, not sleeping well, overly hungry or bitchy. But after I satisfy my craving I’m usually better. So I just go with it. I do make sure I am aware how often and how much of it I do eat.

This is what works for me. It doesn’t work for everyone. I have consistantly lost between .4 and 2 pounds a week by listening to my body. I know it might not seem like a lot of some people, and it is coming off slowly. But, this is whats working for me. At least its coming off. And you can definately tell. I’ve lost several inches already.

Some people might say that if I ate a little better, never cheated or exercise more or harder it might come off quicker. But, I started out that way. I was stressing my self out, big time. I was killing myself working out daily, then doing other little workouts all through out the day. I ate really well too. I would be lucky if I lost a pound. Lucky. Some weeks I didn’t lose that. So, I do what works for me.


2 Responses to “The Mini-challenge for Week 3”

  1. Cosmic Says:

    Often times when your body craves a certain food, it is because you need a nutrient the food contains. I crave meat a lot, and I am a vegetarian and have been for a very long time – when I crave meat, I usually am lacking in protein, iron or another vitamin or nutrient common in meat – and upon looking over my diet for the previous week I can usually see what is missing. If you’re craving salty, greasy, fatty foods, you are probably dehydrated. All of these foods are easy to eat, full of flavor, and in the case of salt help you retain water. Make sure you are drinking enough water, and those cravings may lessen. I could talk on and on about this 🙂
    I totally agree to give in to cravings within reason and listen to your body. If you want nachos, eat a small portion of nachos, alongside a big salad or a big helping of another nutritious food! Instead of eating a chocolate bar, have a couple chocolate chips. Learn what nutrients are in the food you’re craving and start to eat based on that.

  2. torip3 Says:

    I had to learn about the moderation thing with food. I use over do it. All the time. But since identifying my problem and working on it I can now usually moderate how much I eat and what I eat. I use to beat myself up for wanting something I “shouldn’t” have, but not have learned to relax. If I do it in moderation I’m good.
    When I have a craving its usually for the Carl’s Jr Grilled Cheese (Meat, cheese and bacon on sour dought bread…something like that) I can get on a kick and that is all I will crave for weeks. Maybe once a week for it will be the same thing.
    There is always a chance I am dehydrated, but I do drink a lot of water. I have it worked out. In the mornings I drink coffee. Love morning coffee. Usually 2 cups. Then I drink water until lunch. 1 to 2 bottles. Then I have a 7 up or something like that(no dark sodas) with lunch. After lunch it’s water until dinner. Dinner is have water or a glass of tea. Then water again until bedtime. I usually have 1/2 glass or 1 glass of milk day sometime during the day as well. But, I have gotten so busy that I forget to drink anything for hours. So, theres always a possiblity. I will keep an eye on it. Thanks for the tip.

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