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Memory Book Desk Calendar October 22, 2011

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For this project, you will need…

Old cereal boxes or
chipboard sheets
Word processing software and computer printer
White cardstock
Paper trimmer
Scrapbooking paper
Assorted scrapbooking embellishments: stickers, chipboard, stamps, ribbon, etc.
Scrapbooking adhesives
Book binding tool or metal jump rings

These little guys really are a breeze to put together. To start, create small calendars using the table function in your word processing software. I made my tables 7 columns wide and 4-6 rows high, depending on how the days of each month fell. Each table measured approximately 2×3″. Once they are created and formatted, print each calendar onto your white cardstock, and cut them out using your paper trimmer.

For the book, cut 13 4×4″ pieces from your cereal boxes or chipboard sheets. Cover each piece with a 4″ square piece of patterned paper. Punch holes along the left side of each page, and bind them together using your book binding tool or your jump rings.

Embellish the front cover of your book as desired. Open your book to the first set of facing pages. Starting with January, place your trimmed January calendar piece on one side, and embellish the facing page with photos and various embellishments. Continue in a similar fashion with the remaining pages/months.

That’s all there is to it!

These can be stood up and displayed throughout the year, and once the year has come to a close, they can be tucked away as a memento to enjoy in the future!

*Got this from Positively Splendid


*I was thinking maybe tweek this and make it more Pagan.


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