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S’mores on a stick October 29, 2011

Filed under: Recipes,cooking & more — torip3 @ 1:39 pm

1. Place about 8 graham crackers in a bag and let the kids go nuts breaking them up into crumbs!

2. Insert a Cookie Stick into each Marshmallow.

3.  In a double boiler melt one bag of chocolate chips stirring continuously until they are completely smooth and melted! Dip your Marshmallow!

4.  Dip your chocolate covered marshmallow into your cracker crumbs and let cool on a piece of wax paper.

*Got this idea from Blue Cricket design


I thought this looked like a great way to have s’mores indoors, when its cold, or when the boys are having a sleep over. I think I’ll use this for my 13yr olds sleepover.


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