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Take back Christmas October 30, 2011

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I found this amazing post from the Mod Squad.

“I’m talking about a handmade Christmas and going back to basics.  Back to a time of simpler and more meaningful gift-giving.”


When did most people lose sight of the spirit of giving? When did it become normal to see who can get the biggest or best gift in the family?

Well, this has been a slow ongoing process in my home to change the world effects us. We have been making small changes to cook more from scratch, not buying prepackaged crap.  Live more frugally and of course rethink our gift giving. This is not something we have been able to do over night. I have been slowly implementing changes over several years. This year I am trying to make the biggest impact on Christmas.

We are not Christian. We are Pagan. And in home Chrismas is celebrated, but in a different way. It has a different meaning to us. We celebrate the season of giving. We focus on helping people, giving gifts that we think or know someone will like, we try to give personal gifts. Some items are store bought, mostly found on sale, at yard sales, goodwill and such. But then we try to make as much as we can. Last year I did a ton of baking for the guys my husband works with. I don’t know if they appreciated it, I know their bellies did…lol, but I know how I felt being able to bake and share that with people.

I am hoping I have enough influence over my kids that I can teach and insteal in them the value of frugal living and the true spirit of Christmas. How it feels so much better to give a personal gift to someone you care about, then to just go out and buy something.


So, I challenge you this year to think out side the box. Look deep inside your self and find a true spirit of giving. Find ways to make homemade gifts with love for your family and friends this year. Are you up to the challenge?


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