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Nettle is the herb of THOR. November 3, 2011

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Nettle is recommended by Mexican spiritualists in a purification bath because
it is more carnivorous than other herbs and so will work more efficiently

Nettle is a STRONG jinx breaker. Dry the leaves and mix with at least one
uncrossing herb such as:



Wahoo (poisonous)

and one jinx breaking mineral such as Witches Salt (black salt) and graveyard
dust. Sprinkle around the home.

DISCLAIMER:  Some people use some of them in herbal
“remedies” but these people are learned in the subject. Some herbs
are POISONOUS, and most are harmful, like medicines, in large doses. Even to
burn certain herbs can be dangerous. So please, do not mess around.

The information gathered about these herbs come from a few sources

Cunninghams Encyclopedia of Herbs by Scott Cunningham

Hoodoo Root and Herb Magic by Catherine Yronrode

A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve

*Info from The Deepest Well


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