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Nettle November 3, 2011

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Nettle – “Urtica urens” (common nettle, stinging nettle.)

Nettle is heart-shaped  leaved with finely toothed leaves taping to a point.  Green flowers in long
branched clusters springing from the axils of the leaves are know to everyone.
The flowers are incomplete; the male or barren flowers have stamens only and the
female flowers (fertile flowers) have pistal  or seed producing organs.
Sometimes these different kinds of flowers are to be found on one plant, but
susually a plant will bear either male or female flowers throughout, hence the
specific name of the plant “dioica” which means “two houses.”

The Nettle flowers from June-September. The whole plant is downy and covered with stinging
hairs.  The juice of the nettle provides an antidote for it’s own

“Nettle In, dock out.  Dock Rub the Nettle out.”

Nettle is used in textiles, although it had been
difficult to separate the fibers until processes were created. By-products of
nettles are cotton substitutes.  Nettle is one of the few wild plants still
gathered and used as a pot herb.  The young tops are used.

Healing:   A pot of freshly cut nettles placed
beneath a sick bed will aid in recovery.

Folk Name -: Ortiga Ancha,
Stinging Nettle
Gender – Masculine
Element  – Fire
Planet – Mars

The protective powers of the nettle have long been used in magic.  It has been used to send a curse back,
sprinkled around the home to keep evil out, thrown onto a fire to avert danger,
held in the hand to ward off ghosts, carried with yarrow to avert fear and worn
to keep negativity far away.


*Info from The Deepest Well


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