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Changes November 25, 2011

Filed under: Journal — torip3 @ 5:35 pm

My oldest just turned 14! Can you believe it. My little baby boy. He came out premature weight barely 3 lb 15 oz, 14 years ago and now he is 6 ft tall, healthy, young man. Some people would say it makes the feel old. And I use to. But I like being in my 30s. I prefer being the age I am. I get older every year but I get wiser too!

Anyways, I have been trying really hard to get more into my religion. Make more apart of my lifestyle rather than just an addition. I slacked off for several years when I got married. Life took over, kids, moving, and so much more. So I have been putting forth of the effort to make it apart of my life again. I was doing good until I hit a wall. I had a realization one day that I needed to branch out. Explore and learn more. I’ve always wanted too, but for some reason I got the urge to now. I realized I am not Wiccan. So, not Wiccan. I am a Witch, but that means something different to me. The Wiccans I have seen and know seem to be doing basic magick. I feel I should be doing more. I don’t know what yet, just more. More advanced, more  in depth. I haven’t spoken to anyone about this, just myself and my jounral. LOL.
So, I feel like I have started a new journey in my life. Which is awesome to me.

But the other day I was talking my newly 14 year old son, lol, and he shared with me all the changes he has been feeling. His interests are changing. He use to draw and be into to building models, but not now. Then out of the blue he just says he doesn’t enjoy the spells and circle casting that he has been learning about.
I have been having him read, Bucklands and Silver Ravenwolf books. Good starter books. My starter books. But he says they don’t feel right to him. So, we go into a more detailed conversation. He says he is Pagan, he believes in a God and Goddess and the sabbaths and such, but the circles, spells and the way the books are teaching him doesn’t fit him. Its just interesting how I am just now feeling this and he has already figured it out. Amazing. So, anyways, I told him he could back off the Wiccan books and start exploring more of what he wants, in reguards to his religion. He liked that idea. He has been drawn to the Greek Gods lately and really wants to work with them more. I thinks thats awesome!

So, he is starting to think on his own, explore on his own and learn.

Makes me so proud.


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