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Pagan Blog Prompt: Meditation December 9, 2011

Filed under: Journal,Pagan — torip3 @ 1:17 pm

Do you meditate? How?

I meditate, but not in the traditional way. I can’t meditate with other people, I can’t meditate when its too quite, or when I can hear others talking. However I do meditate really well while listening to music. (Mostly rock) I also meditate while laying in bed at night before falling asleep.

Does it help you deal with things? Or do you do it for clarification on tough issues?

Always helps, if I spend enough time on it. I can’t meditate for 30 seconds and expect it to be all worked out. But, usually around 10 minutes and its all good.

Do you include any sort of meditation when working rituals?

I just do my own thing,


One Response to “Pagan Blog Prompt: Meditation”

  1. djswisdom Says:

    I do something like that not with music but while reading or just laying there It does help and it brings about things .. The power of thought is incredible and more powerful the most know .. I am a RASTA and that is on my mind a whole lot so i even take whole days and tell my wife im in meditaion I do not eat and I stay in deep though

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