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Pagan Prompts December 13, 2011

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Are you a Witch or Wiccan?

I am a Witch!

Do you belong to a group/coven or are you solitary?

I am more solitary. I have yet yo find a coven I am comfortable with.

Do you abide by The Rede or oany other Rule in your practice?

I do believe in the law of three.

Does your belief system include a deity or deities? If so, explain who they are, your relationship with them.

I work with a variety of deities. Hecate, Freya,  Isis, Bast, and on occassion other,  I have a partnership with them.

Does your path include magical practices?

Yes, I do magick all the time.

Do you/how do you celebrate seasonal changes/Sabbats/Wheel of the Year?

Yes, I celebrate in my own way.

Do you agree with the statement “All Wiccans are Witches, but not all Witches are Wiccan” ?

No. Not really. A lot of Wiccans may be practicing some of the old ways in their new religion, but they are not Witches at heart.

Do you believe that Witchcraft is a religion?

YES! Witches have gods they “work with” and holidays we celebrate just like any other religion. Who gives someone the right to say its not a religion just because  they don’t  like it.




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