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Prompt: Is it hereditary? January 20, 2012

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What I’m referring to here can be magic, witchcraft, spirituality, the things you can do that others around you cannot, etc. Another way to put it might be “Do you come from a family of Witches?” but that only works if you see yourself as a witch. Get what I’m trying to say here?

What you do and who you are – did it come from your bloodline? Or is it something you discovered and nurtured on your own?


I rather enjoy getting these blog prompts from Pagan Blog Prompts.  These topics can really be interesting.
Such as the latest one.
Its an interesting question.  First, I do consider myself a Witch. Not Wiccan, a Witch. And yes there is a difference, Not to everyone but at least to some, including myself. Its more of what I believe and how I practice thats different/
Anyways, I can’t say I come from a family of Witches. At least not any of the recent ones. LOL. I do believe that somewhere, WAY down the line there was a witch in the family. I do have some members that dabble. They “play” with Tarot. But that is the extent. I have always been different form anyone on my moms or dads side of the family.   I never knew Witches were real when I was growing up. I would watch movies where the witch was green with a wort on her nose and that so didn’t feel right to me. But I discovered the movie “The Worst Witch”. It was awesome. I know that was a lot closer to what witches were suppose to be. But that was as close to it as I got.
As I got older I discovered they were real. I was soooooo happy. I know what I felt and believed wasn’t fake. As soon as I discovered it was real I started to learn. I read and practiced as often as possible. My style of learning and practicing has changed over the years.
I do realize now that I have always been a Witch. Even before I knew what they were. I had strong magick abilities as a child, that were lost in the aging process. Whether that has come someone way back down my family tree, or if its just all me, I may never know.
But, at least my boys will be able to say they were raised Pagan.






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