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Vision Board February 1, 2012

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What is a Vision Board? Well its basically like goals or things you might to work on. You can take pictures or just words, place them a piece of paper and you have a vision board.

You can make it fancy, scrapbook style or you can just make a list. Do what works for you.

I made a vision board for Imbolc. So my pictures and  words were more about clarity, intution, focus, etc.

You can take pictures from magazines, draw your own or print some out. I printed pictures of words and such from my Pinterest boards.

Heres some examples:

imbolc  Brighid  Celtic (Irish). One of the triple Goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. She is the daughter of The Dagda, the All Father of the Tuatha de Danann, one of the most ancient people of Northern Europe. Some say there are actually three Brighids; one is in charge of poetry and inspiration; one is in charge of midwifery and healing, and the last is in charge of crafts and smiths.    She probably began as a sun Goddess. According to legend, she was born at sunrise and a tower of flame beamed from her head.    As Goddess of fire and water, she is immortalized by many wells and springs. Most important of her monuments, though, was a shrine at Kildare where there was a perpetual flame burning for Brighid. It was tended by nineteen virgins called the Daughters of the Flame, wearing deep crimson habits and bearing swords. They would not talk to men, nor could men come near the shrine. Her feast is St.Brighids Days in Ireland and is the Pagan Festival of Imbolc    When Christianity began its onset, so loved was Brighid that she was made a saint. However, the upkeep on her flame was considered pagan by the church and it was extinguished out of more than a thousand years of burning. St. Brigit remains one of the most popular Irish saints today, along with Saint Patrick.    Identical to Juno, Queen of Heaven. Symbolizes human potential. Also known as Brigit, Brigid, Brigindo, Bride.    Dark the bitter winter,  cutting its sharpness,  but Bride's mantle,  brings spring to Ireland.    -Translated from Gaelic text. Be the type of person you want to meet. BeautyLet it be.Start a revolution


You can find more amazing pictures on my Pinterest boards.

Sit down and make a list of some things you might want to work on, them  find some pictures.

As you put your board together thing about the changes you want to make, or how you are gonna accomplish each thing.  You are putting your intentions into the vision board. Once its all done hang it somewhere you will see it. In you kitchen, bathroom, above your alter, whereever. Then everytime you see it you will remember.

Have fun with it. Don’t worry about it being perfect or doing it “right”.  As long as it feels right to you, thats what matters.



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