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Ostara Pagan Prompts March 5, 2012

Filed under: Pagan — torip3 @ 5:30 pm

Pagan Promts:

  • How did you come to Pagansim? Tell me a brief story about how you found the Pagan path.

I have always been. But, I have been casting circles, and other things since I was little. I didn’t know what I was until I was around 17. Started officially practicing when I was about 18. No one in my family is Pagan. But, I’ve always been different.

  • Family traditions for Ostara. How do you celebrate this Sabbat?

I set up an alter, set items out to honor the Gods and the Goddess

  • Spring Cleaning Tips.

Cleansing Ritual to clear the air, clear negativity or just bad energy & clear away the dust bunnies


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