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Ideas and Activities for Litha June 14, 2012

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Litha is a Sabbat honoring the Goddess as the Mother, the God as the Father, and of Their children or the child in all of us. Here are some activities to help Pagan Parents include their small children in the celebration. Head out into the back yard and enjoy the day!


  • Burn your remnants of your Yule Tree or Wreath in the bon fire or try using Wreaths of Vervain and Mugwort which were burned in ancient times at the end of the festivals to burn away bad luck.
  • Many families placed roses on the altar, as this is the Goddess flower for this time of the year. Try this yourself for a beautiful and fragrant decoration.
  • Leave out milk and honey as an offering to the Fae folk
  • Have a mock battle between the Oak and Holly King. Remember that this is part of the cycle and as the wheel turns the Holly King will rise again at Winter Solstice
  • Put a ring of flowers around your cauldron or around a bowl full of mugwort
  • Hang a bundle of fresh herbs out to dry and use them to spice up a Litha feast of cooked summer vegetables
  • Light a white candle and place it in front of a mirror. Say your own Litha prayer over it, and then let it burn out
  • Make a charm to hang around your neck with a seashell
  • Jump the balefire or cauldron
  • Offer a gift of lavender to the Gods in a bonfire. Pass St. John’s Wort through the smoke and then hang the herb up in the house for protection.
  • Make your own Stonehendge at the beach like you would a sand castle
  • Have an outdoor picnic to welcome the Solstice
  • Stay up and watch the sun go down on the longest day of the year!
  • Try a fire divination, stare into the coals of your bonfire as it settles or look for forms in the leaping flames.
  • Create a ritual to bring healing and love to Mother Earth
  • Dispose of those qualities that trouble you: project them into a burn-able (bunch of dry twigs, paper, etc.) and thrust the mass into a cleansing fire
  • make dream pillows
  • make herb craft items like wreaths
  • Make treasure boxes: Materilas: sturdy carboard box, natural items for decoration, white glue, med-size paint brush. Collect items from the yard, the park, the beach, the woods, etc. Glue flat items to outside of the box and place non flat items inside.
  • Stained Glass Sun Catchers. Materials: wax paper, crayon shavings, colored string, yard, or thread, lace, leaves,, flower petals. Shave crayons to have crayon shavings, arrange shavings on one piece of wax paper. When done place second sheet of wax paper on top of first and use an iron to melt the crayon shavings. Cut the wax paper (stained glass) into shapes and hang them with a strind in a sunny window.

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