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A Simple Woman’s Day Book July 7, 2012

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Outside my window….

It’s bright. It was fairly cool this morning when I took my hubby to work at 7:45, but now at 9:50 its starting to warm up. Probably gonna be a hot one.

Outside my window there is a huge pile of tree limbs that were cut down a couple months ago. We have slowly filled the landlords trailer and he has hauled them to the dump. However, the pile is still big.

My yard is dying! This damn summer heat kills my yard every year. Turn my whole side yard into a dessert. Literally, nothing but dirt. It sucks!

I am thinking…

About finishing the kids lessons while I anxiously wait for a phone call that says my son has made it back to town from summer camp and is ready to be picked up.

Around my house…

My youngest is enjoying his last bit of free time on the computer before his bubba gets home.

I am reading…

The lightning thief. My son has been telling me for a while that its a good book and I should read it. I waited, thinking it would be too kidish. I was wrong. Book hooked me from the beginning. Really good.

I am also reading Natural Witchery by Ellen Dugan. Awesome book so far.

But, I need to read faster because I have Destined (House of Night series), Made from Scratch and Withces End waiting to be read. I have them checked out from the library and need to finish them soon. Its so hard to get enough time to read though.

I am hoping…

My son had a great time at camp and comes home happy.

New creations from the kitchen…

Tried a pizza roll last night using the phillsbury refrigerated pizza dough. Hubby wanted it rolled. It so didn’t work to well. The bottom was very crisp and definately done but the top and insides were still a bit doughy.

Hoping to get the frozen pizza dough balls from Sam’s club soon and I’m gonna make pizza pockets, hot pockets, and more out of them.

In my life this week…

I made a new shopping list and to do list using Micrsoft Word. They came out really cute. It was just time consuming.  I didn’t get near as much reading done as I’d hoped. And didn’t get any chores done. *sigh*  

Adventures in homeschooling…

The boys lessons are going good, but we are way behind. We will be finishing up the Civil War this month, the were on to the Industrial Revolution. But we have a lot more topics to cover before we are finshed.

What’s working/not working for us…

I would love to be able to incorporate more Pagan studies into their lessons. I use some of the Pooka pages now but my boys are 10 & 14. Doesn’t always work. They need more hands on, but its hard. They are out of the whole little kids crafting stage. They need more advanced crafts and learning.  

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


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