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Pagan Prompt April 5, 2013

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Coven VS. Solitary Practice


How do you all feel about working with a coven vs. working solitary?

I think both can be beneficial to a witch wanting to learn, but it depends on the coven.

Do you practice in a group or solitary?

I practice solitary and have for many years, only because  I haven’t found the right coven.

Which do you prefer?

Solitary is working for me at this time.

If you chose one over the other, why do you feel that way?

I found a coven when I was younger just starting to learn about the craft, but they were mostly older Pagans and I never felt like I quite fit in. Then when I moved to Oklahoma I found another coven.  I tried attending circles with them for a while but never felt comfortable letting myself open up to strangers. Their circles were open to anyone and I would feel some strange energy from them.

If you are a coven member, would you ever go back to being solitary?

I have been a coven member and returned to solitary due to not wanting to practice with people I didn’t know.

If you practice alone, would you ever join a group?

If I found a coven I could fit in I would join them, but until then  I will work Solitary.
Share your thoughts with me, post to the original Pagan Blog Prompting posting (link below), or Both!


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