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Business Success Spell February 16, 2016

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Basil Spell


Flower Pot

Basil Seeds



9 Pennies



Fill pot half full of soil.


Using a clockwise motion form a circle with the pennies, placing them one at a time on top of the soil.


As you place each penny say:

Money grow & join in force, Bring new riches from this source.

Cover the pennies with soil until the pot is full.


Plant nine basil seeds, chanting with each one:

Basil seed, as you grow & sprout, My Business shall prosper within & without.

Water the seeds well, & place the pot in the room where most cash transactions occur.


Wrap your hands around the pot & say:

Copper, earth, & seeds, I now enchant, I transform you into a money plant. Grow lush, bring cash, bring success to me. As I will so mote it be!

As the plant grows, so will your business.


*Spell from Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison (Pics are mine)




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