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Spell for issues with coworkers December 14, 2016

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My hubby is a good worker. He is a mechanic. He opens and closes nearly every day. Does any job that’s handed to him, usually with little to no complaint. Despite this some of his coworkers and even his boss have a tendency to be disrespectful towards him. So, in order to help him out a little at work I came up with a few techniques and a spell to help him out. (With his permission, of course)

I made him a tigers eye & obsidian key chain with a spiral charm. Tigers eye for respect, obsidian for repelling negativity, and the spiral charm, which he choose himself, to represent life, growth, evolution. He has it attached to his tool box keys and has it with him all day at work.

He now visualizes a protective bubble around himself and his work area while he’s at work. He works on visualizing any negativity bouncing off him. Making sure he doesn’t send it back on anyone.

In the mornings he has been dabbing a small drop of lavender behind each ear for protection and respect.

Since I collected rain water during a new moon I use that occasionally to draw a protective rune on his forehead with the water. (Along with everyone else in my house)

And lastly I did I spell. Now, this spell might not be for everyone. I tried my best to word it as harmless as I could. My intent was never to send anything bad to anyone. Anyways, I cleared my mind, and focused my intent of hubby having the respect he earned at while and him being able to repel negativity.

Then I said:

“Hecate, Aaron has troubles at work, he is treated unfairly and is unhappy, I call to thee to bring Justice, WITHOUT harm.”
I focus on my intent some more, I thank Hecate for hearing me, then end it with “So mote it be”

I immediately place an offering outside to Hecate. This can be a piece of fruit, some bread crumbs, etc.


Herbal Tea Spell

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I enjoy a good hot cup of herbal tea, especially in the winter months. I came up with a little Herbal Tea Spell to help the effects of the tea.

I simply clear my mind, while holding the cup of tea in my hands, and focus on my intentions. Then I  say:
“Herbs of healing, Herbs of health, Heal my Body with your wealth.”

I continue to focus on my intent while holding the tea. Sometimes I say this spell three times, its all about personal preference.

Then I wrap it up with “So mote it be” and enjoy my tea.


Healing Stone Spell

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Many months back I bought a blood stone in a necklace cage for healing when I was ill. Lately I’ve taken to wearing it more often to deal with my anxiety and such. I came up with a simple spell to help with the healing. I simply clear my mind, hold my stone, and focus on healing energies washing over me.

Once I am calm I say

“Stone of healing, Stone of might.
Heal me with the speed of light.”

Then I focus on healing energies washing over me again.

Sometimes I say this spell three times, its totally a personal preference.

Then I end it by thanking the Gods/Goddesses for their help and say “So mote it be” to wrap it up.


A little info on the Bloodstone:

Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone that has been valued for thousands of years for its healing energy. It purifies and detoxifies the body, grounding negative energy and cleansing your body’s energy. Bloodstone also increases energy and strength, promoting a constant flow of energy throughout the body. It is a very beneficial stone for athletes and people whose jobs include a lot of physical activity.



Business Success Spell February 16, 2016

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Basil Spell


Flower Pot

Basil Seeds



9 Pennies



Fill pot half full of soil.


Using a clockwise motion form a circle with the pennies, placing them one at a time on top of the soil.


As you place each penny say:

Money grow & join in force, Bring new riches from this source.

Cover the pennies with soil until the pot is full.


Plant nine basil seeds, chanting with each one:

Basil seed, as you grow & sprout, My Business shall prosper within & without.

Water the seeds well, & place the pot in the room where most cash transactions occur.


Wrap your hands around the pot & say:

Copper, earth, & seeds, I now enchant, I transform you into a money plant. Grow lush, bring cash, bring success to me. As I will so mote it be!

As the plant grows, so will your business.


*Spell from Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison (Pics are mine)




Healthier Apple Crisp November 6, 2011

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Healthier Apple Crisp


10 C sliced apples.

1Tbsp whole wheat flour

1/2 C Splenda

2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 C water

1 Tbsp honey

1/2 C whole wheat flour

1 cup quick oats

1/2 C brown sugar

1 Tbsp honey

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/3 C melted vegan margarine (I used Better Life)


1. Place apples in a 9 x 13 pan. I left the peels on mine because that is where
most of the fiber comes from. Feel free to peel your apples if that is how you
prefer them.

2. Mix 1 tbsp of flour, Splenda, cinnamon,
honey and water together. Pour the mixture evenly over the apples.

3. Combine 1/2 C flour, oats, brown sugar, baking soda, brown sugar, honey, and
melted margarine. Stir together and crumble over the apple mixture.

4. Bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees.


Recipe from Confessions of a stay at home mommy


Healthier Chicken Enchiladas

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Healthier Chicken Enchiladas


4-6 chicken breasts

2-5 oz cups of Oikos non-fat plain Greek yogurt.

1 can reduced-fat cheese soup

1 can red enchilada sauce

1 can diced green chilies

1 can sliced black olives–drained

1 avocado–sliced

1 C 2% cheddar cheese or blend

whole wheat tortillas


Cook chicken until no longer pink in the
middle. Dice into 1 inch cubes and set aside.

Season the chicken with Cajun and garlic pepper.

Mix Greek yogurt, cheese soup, 1/4 C enchilada sauce, chilies, black olives,
and avocado slices together.

Stir in chicken.

Spoon mixture into tortillas, sprinkle
with cheese and roll them leaving the ends open.

Line up the rolled tortillas in your
baking dish and cover with any remaining mixture.

Drizzle a little sauce over if desired.

Top with cheese and desired amount of
enchilada sauce.

Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.


Recipe from Confessions of a stay at home mommy


Beautiful Paper Lanterns November 5, 2011

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Hop on over to Skip to my Lou to find out how to make these beautiful lanterns.