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Merry Meet

Spring May 1, 2014

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To celebrate the changing of the seasons I thought it would be nice if the boys made some outside crafts. And since they are learning about weather in science right now, it all went together. They made wind socks, tin can wind chimes, and soda bottle spinners.



Mabon September 4, 2013

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Mabon, also known as Fall Equinox.
Time to celebrate the second harvest. The fields are harvested and families are getting ready for winter. Now is the time to give thanks to the lord and lady for all they have provided us.  Also time to break out the fall decorations, pumpkins, leaves changing colors and drinking hot apple cider in the evenings.
Time to prepare those Fall goodies, breads, grains and fall veggies like Squash. Confessions of a Kitchen Witch has a great Mabon Menu all planned for the season. Here’s some wonderful Soups, Stews & Chili recipes from my Pinterest page. And here’s my Crockpot/Slow cooker Pinterest page for some more great recipes.
Its also a wonderful time for some Fall crafting. Whether you have some little ones, teenagers or even an adult who just likes to craft there are some fun fall crafts for Mabon.
Acorn People
Leaf People

leaf person
Fall Wreaths
Handprint turkeys
Google Fall Crafts
-My Pinterest Fall page


Pagan Prompts May 10, 2013

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 -Share with us some of the things you teach your children about Paganism and your beliefs.
– At what age did you start including your children in on ritual and/or activities?
– What are some activities you have used to teach your children about Pagan spirituality throughout their different ages and stages?

I tried including my kids when they were young but they weren’t interested. It was hard to keep them focused. I have tried to use Circle Round for teaching but my boys found the stories to be boring. They did some of the crafts in the book but we’re that impressed. I have also tried Pooka Pages stories for the younger one but he didn’t like those either. My oldest was reading Silver Ravenwolf for a while and he has done the Raymond Buckland’s workbook. So, now we just talk about it, set up alters and do our private thing. (My boys are now  15 & 11)


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Pagan Prompt April 5, 2013

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Coven VS. Solitary Practice


How do you all feel about working with a coven vs. working solitary?

I think both can be beneficial to a witch wanting to learn, but it depends on the coven.

Do you practice in a group or solitary?

I practice solitary and have for many years, only because  I haven’t found the right coven.

Which do you prefer?

Solitary is working for me at this time.

If you chose one over the other, why do you feel that way?

I found a coven when I was younger just starting to learn about the craft, but they were mostly older Pagans and I never felt like I quite fit in. Then when I moved to Oklahoma I found another coven.  I tried attending circles with them for a while but never felt comfortable letting myself open up to strangers. Their circles were open to anyone and I would feel some strange energy from them.

If you are a coven member, would you ever go back to being solitary?

I have been a coven member and returned to solitary due to not wanting to practice with people I didn’t know.

If you practice alone, would you ever join a group?

If I found a coven I could fit in I would join them, but until then  I will work Solitary.
Share your thoughts with me, post to the original Pagan Blog Prompting posting (link below), or Both!


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Samhain Alter October 31, 2012

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My Samhain Alter

  I am honoring My mother, who was taken from this world when I was only 6 yrs old, My great grandparents, the only people on my mom’s side of the family that loved me and treated me well, and My husbands grandfather, who was like his father and treated my husband more like the son he never had.  Owls were my mothers favorite animal, The turtle candle andsea shell belonged to my Great grandmother and that is NOT water in the glass, its Vodka. My hubbys grandfather was a drinker. He loved to come home after a hard days work and drink a Manhattan, (vodka is all we had in the way of alcohol)



Hope everyone has a truely blessed night!


Struggling with daily worship October 11, 2012

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I have been struggling, yet again with daily worship. Keeping up with the sabbaths have been nearly impossible. I know I should do more, but keeping up with running my house and homeschooling my kids doesn’t leave me much time.  I do find time to take afew seconds and think about the lord and landy and ask them for guidance but more than that I just can’t seem to find the time or. I feel like I should be doing more for the sabbaths and such, not only for me but for my boys as well.

Does anyone else find it difficult to keep up with daily life and time to worship?


Any advice or suggestions?


Words for Teenagers August 8, 2012

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