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A Simple Woman’s Day Book July 7, 2012

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Outside my window….

It’s bright. It was fairly cool this morning when I took my hubby to work at 7:45, but now at 9:50 its starting to warm up. Probably gonna be a hot one.

Outside my window there is a huge pile of tree limbs that were cut down a couple months ago. We have slowly filled the landlords trailer and he has hauled them to the dump. However, the pile is still big.

My yard is dying! This damn summer heat kills my yard every year. Turn my whole side yard into a dessert. Literally, nothing but dirt. It sucks!

I am thinking…

About finishing the kids lessons while I anxiously wait for a phone call that says my son has made it back to town from summer camp and is ready to be picked up.

Around my house…

My youngest is enjoying his last bit of free time on the computer before his bubba gets home.

I am reading…

The lightning thief. My son has been telling me for a while that its a good book and I should read it. I waited, thinking it would be too kidish. I was wrong. Book hooked me from the beginning. Really good.

I am also reading Natural Witchery by Ellen Dugan. Awesome book so far.

But, I need to read faster because I have Destined (House of Night series), Made from Scratch and Withces End waiting to be read. I have them checked out from the library and need to finish them soon. Its so hard to get enough time to read though.

I am hoping…

My son had a great time at camp and comes home happy.

New creations from the kitchen…

Tried a pizza roll last night using the phillsbury refrigerated pizza dough. Hubby wanted it rolled. It so didn’t work to well. The bottom was very crisp and definately done but the top and insides were still a bit doughy.

Hoping to get the frozen pizza dough balls from Sam’s club soon and I’m gonna make pizza pockets, hot pockets, and more out of them.

In my life this week…

I made a new shopping list and to do list using Micrsoft Word. They came out really cute. It was just time consuming.  I didn’t get near as much reading done as I’d hoped. And didn’t get any chores done. *sigh*  

Adventures in homeschooling…

The boys lessons are going good, but we are way behind. We will be finishing up the Civil War this month, the were on to the Industrial Revolution. But we have a lot more topics to cover before we are finshed.

What’s working/not working for us…

I would love to be able to incorporate more Pagan studies into their lessons. I use some of the Pooka pages now but my boys are 10 & 14. Doesn’t always work. They need more hands on, but its hard. They are out of the whole little kids crafting stage. They need more advanced crafts and learning.  

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


Litha Plans June 18, 2012

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Since Litha falls in the middle of the week and a night hubby has his Votech class we’re kinda celebrating Litha over several days. I plan on making a stew Wednesday, and hoping to eat on the back porch. The kids are gonna leave out milk & honey for the fae folk. And my oldest asked if we could light the fire pit. (and maybe roast some marshmallows)


What are your plans for Litha?

Do you have any family traditions?


To Do List June 15, 2012

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5 Quick Fixes for anything that jiggles

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HELP FOR: Bra bulge To get rid of the little roll that spills over your bra strap in the back, try bent-over rows.

  • Stand next to a chair with a dumbbell in right hand. Place left knee and hand on seat and extend right arm toward floor. Bending elbow out to side, slowly bring weight up to chest.
  • Do two sets of 15 reps on each side.

HELP FOR: Inner- and outer- thigh mushiness The hips and thighs are the first place most women tend to store fat and the last place they lose it. In addition to lots of cardio, try the four-way lunge.

  • With hands on hips, step forward with right foot and lunge (don’t let knee go past toes); return to start. Lunge backward; return to start. Lunge right (keeping left leg straight); go back to start. Then with left foot, lunge to left side. Repeat, leading with opposite foot.
  • Do two sets of 15 reps on each side.

HELP FOR: Underarm flab Triceps respond fast to exercise and fat loss, which means that you could see a change here in just a few weeks with chair dips.

  • Place your hands on the edge of the seat of a chair and walk your feet out. Slowly lower butt toward floor, bending elbows to about a 90-degree angle; press back up.
  • Do two sets of 15 reps.

HELP FOR: Armpit overhang The flesh that peeks out over the top of a strapless gown can be tightened with push-ups. But the issue may be the dress, not you.

  • “It’s all about the cut,” says stylist Cristina Ehrlich, who’s worked with Penélope Cruz. “Look for a dress where the top is high enough that it doesn’t dig into your armpit skin. It should come up and over the area.”

HELP FOR: Belly pooch Along with plenty of cardio, you can flatten your lower abs with planks.

  • Get in a raised push-up position, except with forearms on the floor; hold the pose with back flat and belly in for 30 to 90 seconds. For more definition, try the bicycle.
  • Lie on floor, knees bent, hands behind head. Lift shoulder blades and twist right elbow to left knee; then twist left elbow toward right knee. Do two sets of 15 reps.



Epson Salt June 14, 2012

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1. Brush your teeth with Epsom salt and peroxide to fight against periodontal  disease. While some dentists recommend using baking soda and peroxide, the  sodium in baking soda can create a problem for people needing to restrict their  sodium intake while Epsom salt will not.
2. Soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salt to soften and smooth corns.
3. Sprinkle Epsom salt on your garbage cans to deter the raccoons.
4. Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and spray your lawn for a  lusher, greener lawn.
5. Add Epsom salt to olive oil and use to exfoliate your skin. Add the Epsom salt  to your shampoo to rejuvenate your scalp. Let it set on the skin for a few  minutes to be absorbed before rinsing.
6. Use Epsom salt and liquid dish detergent to whiten floor tiles and dissolve  dirt. By adding some Epsom salt to your sudsy water you will get a cleaning  boost.
7. Make a home remedy for blackheads by boiling ½ cup of water, 3 drops of iodine  and 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt. Let cool enough to touch. Bottle the mixture and  use with a cotton ball to apply to blackheads. If the mixture separates days  later just heat in the microwave and wait to cool before applying again.
8. Use Epsom salt to fertilize and feed roses, tomatoes, and peppers.
9. Increase your magnesium levels in your body by soaking in Epsom salt bath water  three times weekly.

-Got these tips from Pinterest.





Ideas and Activities for Litha

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Litha is a Sabbat honoring the Goddess as the Mother, the God as the Father, and of Their children or the child in all of us. Here are some activities to help Pagan Parents include their small children in the celebration. Head out into the back yard and enjoy the day!


  • Burn your remnants of your Yule Tree or Wreath in the bon fire or try using Wreaths of Vervain and Mugwort which were burned in ancient times at the end of the festivals to burn away bad luck.
  • Many families placed roses on the altar, as this is the Goddess flower for this time of the year. Try this yourself for a beautiful and fragrant decoration.
  • Leave out milk and honey as an offering to the Fae folk
  • Have a mock battle between the Oak and Holly King. Remember that this is part of the cycle and as the wheel turns the Holly King will rise again at Winter Solstice
  • Put a ring of flowers around your cauldron or around a bowl full of mugwort
  • Hang a bundle of fresh herbs out to dry and use them to spice up a Litha feast of cooked summer vegetables
  • Light a white candle and place it in front of a mirror. Say your own Litha prayer over it, and then let it burn out
  • Make a charm to hang around your neck with a seashell
  • Jump the balefire or cauldron
  • Offer a gift of lavender to the Gods in a bonfire. Pass St. John’s Wort through the smoke and then hang the herb up in the house for protection.
  • Make your own Stonehendge at the beach like you would a sand castle
  • Have an outdoor picnic to welcome the Solstice
  • Stay up and watch the sun go down on the longest day of the year!
  • Try a fire divination, stare into the coals of your bonfire as it settles or look for forms in the leaping flames.
  • Create a ritual to bring healing and love to Mother Earth
  • Dispose of those qualities that trouble you: project them into a burn-able (bunch of dry twigs, paper, etc.) and thrust the mass into a cleansing fire
  • make dream pillows
  • make herb craft items like wreaths
  • Make treasure boxes: Materilas: sturdy carboard box, natural items for decoration, white glue, med-size paint brush. Collect items from the yard, the park, the beach, the woods, etc. Glue flat items to outside of the box and place non flat items inside.
  • Stained Glass Sun Catchers. Materials: wax paper, crayon shavings, colored string, yard, or thread, lace, leaves,, flower petals. Shave crayons to have crayon shavings, arrange shavings on one piece of wax paper. When done place second sheet of wax paper on top of first and use an iron to melt the crayon shavings. Cut the wax paper (stained glass) into shapes and hang them with a strind in a sunny window.

Marigolds May 19, 2012

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Plant rows of marigolds in between your vegetable rows. They are a wonderful natural pest repellent. They also make your garden colorful, bright and beautiful.